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Enformer – October 2019

New Civil War Mascots Product Line Coincides with Themed Park Events

Animals held important roles during the Civil War—from transportation and hauling supplies to communication and serving as morale-boosting mascots. This spring, Eastern National released a new line of Civil War Mascot products that helps to tell the stories of these mascots to kids. Read more…

Extending Our Strategic Journey

In 2016, Eastern National embarked on a bold new strategic plan. The objectives were ambitious, and the terrain was unknown, but we were ultimately successful in achieving our Central Strategic Challenge: Strengthen Eastern National’s Foundation to Accelerate Mission Delivery and Growth. Our organization’s foundation is stronger than ever, and we are now equipped with new tools and data that will bring new capabilities for us and our partners. To that end, we are pleased to announce that we will be extending our strategic journey beyond 2019 as we continue to complete select key objectives. Read more…

Outer Banks Forever: 2019 Director’s Report

While Outer Banks Forever formally launched to the public during National Park Week only this past April, our team at Eastern National has been working behind the scenes for more than two years to explore ways to adopt a greater role in fundraising to support park needs. Read more…


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