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ENformer January 2016

Happy Centennial Year, National Park Service!

e19e1752-a9f4-456d-b954-0f580cae7157Eastern National is offering new merchandise to commemorate the 2016 National Park Service Centennial. Here’s a sampling of items in stores and on eParks.com now. More NPS Centennial themed merchandise is in development and will be featured in a future edition of the ENformer newsletter.


Passport To Your National Parks Collector’s Edition

14d6c096-9d1a-494f-90d2-3d26b1151349This deluxe, new version of the Passport To Your National Parks® book has more spaces to collect park cancellations and the commemorative Passport stamps issued each year. The Collector’s Edition has a hard cover and is spiral bound and 7 1/2 inches wide by 10 inches high. It includes information on nearly 400 park sites, maps, and dozens of color photographs. There is a space to collect a cancellation and commemorative stamp for every national park site and extra pages to collect extra cancellations.






America’s National Parks: A Photographic Journey Through Nearly 400 National Treasures
7ec05143-ba5e-4759-8975-49c56af3b8f8This new Eastern National publication helps commemorate the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service and features nearly 400 spectacular color photographs, showcasing the incredible beauty, priceless history, and remarkable diversity of America’s national parks. America’s National Parks: A Photographic Journey Through Nearly 400 National Treasures contains one photograph of every national park site in the country, with descriptive text that highlights the uniqueness of each park.






Passport To Your National Parks Centennial Edition

7cc2d26b-6364-4d43-b380-fee28cf8bc60This new limited edition of the Passport book has been updated to include all the current sites in the National Park System. The Passport program is also offering special centennial Passport cancellation stamps at national parks throughout the country, and the new 2016 commemorative annual stamp sets feature a 2016 National Park Service Centennial stamp as well as four parks that are celebrating their 100th anniversaries in 2016.






NPS Centennial Products
67bf2068-1f38-43d0-9f3c-6bc40a6cd126These commemorative items feature the official NPS Centennial logo. Merchandise includes patches, pins, decals, and hydration backpacks. The same attractive design seen on these coffee mugs is also featured on travel mugs, keychains, and magnets.


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