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ENformer Early October 2016

Presenting a Roll Call of 2016 Eastern National Publications … Keeping National Park Visitors “ENformed” and “ENgaged”

For fiscal year 2016, a selection of new publications have been produced by Eastern National. These include updates to the popular Civil War Series of books, new America’s National Parks Press history books, and a National Park Service handbook as well as various site-specific publications.


Four Newly Updated Civil War Series Books

Eastern National is updating and redesigning the popular Civil War Series books. Eight books in the series, made up of 26 total titles, have been redesigned to date, with the newest four released this year. These include The Battles for Chattanooga; The Battles for Richmond, 1862; The Second Battle of Manassas; and the just-released The Civil War’s Black Soldiers – each chock-full of new full-color photos and engaging history. The books, which retail for $9.95, are available at Civil War-themed national parks and online at eParks.com. Call (877) 628-7275 for information on wholesale opportunities.


New America’s National Parks Press Titles

Two new titles under the America’s National Parks Press imprint have been produced by Eastern National this year. There are currently 11 titles available in the series. Civil Rights in America was published in spring 2016, and Alexander Hamilton is on the docket to be published this fall. The series of books is sold at dollar stores across the country. They are designed to reach an audience that may not normally visit national parks, encouraging readers to discover and explore them.

James A. Garfield: His Life and Legacy

709bcb04-7bef-448e-9c39-fe57d06398ccHot off the presses! This new site-specific guidebook provides a captivating and enlightening overview of the life and times of our 20th president. Here’s an opportunity to get to know and understand this fascinating man, whom the nation lost far too soon, and the story behind his rise to the presidency as well as his home and family life.

Featuring historical images from the life and times of James Garfield and full-color photos of the Garfield home today, this book is a must-read and is available at James A. Garfield National Historic Site and here at eParks.com for $10.95.






Cumberland Gap: Pathway to a Land of Mist and Mystery

The Cumberland Gap is a magical and sometimes mysterious land of breathtaking views with an incredible diversity of plant and animal life. It is forever connected to the American people by its important place in our nation’s pioneer history.

From the mountaintops to the valley floor, photographer Harold Jerrell has captured the unique essence of the Cumberland Gap. Cumberland Gap: Pathway to a Land of Mist and Mystery provides readers with the opportunity to experience the beauty and history of this special place. This brand-new Eastern National publication, which is available at Cumberland Gap National Historical Park and here at eParks.com, retails for $10.95.

The Reconstruction Era Official National Park Service Handbook

8ec9c340-2d59-44b6-9f65-f342cde4d121One of the most complicated, poorly understood, and significant periods in American history, the Reconstruction era was a pivotal time period. Four million African Americans, newly freed from the bondage of slavery, sought to establish new lives,
while at the same time, white Southerners faced the challenges of wartime defeat and slavery’s abolition. Reconstruction’s big questions – about democracy, race, war, and religion – give it a lasting importance today.

This 180-page NPS handbook, edited by Robert K. Sutton and John A. Latschar of the NPS and published by EN, is available here at eParks.com for $12.95. Call (877) 628-7275 for information on wholesale opportunities.





Take a Look Inside: Theodore Roosevelt’s Sagamore Hill

Take a Look Inside: Theodore Roosevelt’s Sagamore Hill provides an armchair tour and overview of the home and family life of Theodore Roosevelt, 26th president of the United States. Full-page color photos of the rooms of the home are featured throughout the book giving readers a special peek inside. This publication retails for $9.95, and is available at Sagamore Hill National Historic Site and here at eParks.com.


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