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ENformer-March / April 2019

Meredith_ccEastern National Managers Head “Back to Base Camp”

Over the winter, EN hosted a multi-day, interactive training in Orlando for field managers and staff who work directly with our store operations. The theme of the training—Back to Base Camp—was reflected in sessions that encouraged attendees to think broadly about EN’s strategic plan and consider the role of field management in achieving company-wide goals. Read more…


2018 Eastern National Annual Partner Awards Announced

Eastern National’s annual awards highlight excellence in performance and partnership. The awards program was designed to acknowledge outstanding individual achievements and contributions that have had a positive impact on an individual park, thus furthering and promoting EN’s unique relationship with its park partners. Read more…

RangerDolls_ccWinter Sales Update

The government shutdown over the winter affected Eastern National’s sales and other operations. We have adjusted our plans and procedures to get back on the trail, and there is sunlight ahead. Read more…



RMs_ccQuarterly Strategic Plan Update: Spring 2019

Despite the five-week government shutdown, Eastern National maintained focus and progress on this year’s four strategic priorities: replacing our Point-of-Sale system, growing sales, developing the organization’s new philanthropic branch, and implementing the new brand strategy. Read more…





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