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Winter 2020 IT Update

Eastern National Director of IT Scott Grabus is overseeing the company-wide implementation of Erply.

Winter 2020 IT Update

One of Eastern National’s strategic goals is to replace our current Point-of-Sale system (Microsoft Dynamics RMS) with a new, modern solution. Last year we chose Erply as our new Point-of-Sale system. At the beginning of 2020 we were proceeding full steam ahead toward a successful implementation starting in August 2020. The pandemic forced us to delay all Erply-related tasks and focus our efforts on supporting reopening park stores. We are excited to share that we have resumed the Erply implementation process.

Over the next few months, we will be doing the behind-the-scenes work to get everything ready for a smooth transition for our store staff and partners at our Point-of-Sale stores. During this time, our store staff will assist with testing and verification of new processes and procedures.

One of the requirements of the new system is the replacement of our current credit card payment terminals at every single park store. In late winter through early spring, all park stores will receive a new payment terminal. The devices will be “plug-and-play” ready. We will provide support and documentation for these devices as needed to ensure a seamless transition.

Large-scale implementations are challenging, and change can be difficult. We ask for your patience and support in this long-awaited software transition.