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Quarterly Strategic Plan Update: Winter 2018

Quarterly Strategic Plan Update: Winter 2018 

Eastern National has continued making progress toward our strategic goals. Keep reading to learn about our recent advancements in the areas of partnerships, people, operations, and finances.


Building on a structure introduced at NPS trainings over the last two years, regional managers are working with park partners to create annual operating plans. EN has partnered with an experienced brand agency to support the implementation of America’s National Parks, our new visitor-facing brand.

An Employee Engagement Committee was created to identify needs and implement best practices for increasing two-way communication across the organization, an opportunity identified through last year’s engagement survey. Over the course of FY18, 86% of all EN staff participated in professional development to strengthen their skills and performance, up from 45% in 2016. Sessions recently offered include Office365 and Respectful Workplace trainings.

Implementation of SharePoint in October and November completes the launch of Office365’s integrated suite of collaboration and communication tools. Efforts continue in centralizing vendor management. Since the start of the strategic plan, EN has reduced the number of active vendors by almost 30%. A committee comprised of EN staff from all levels of the organization has been formed to review and evaluate top contenders for a new Point of Sale system, insuring that the final selection best meets EN’s unique needs.

Preparations have begun for a project formally evaluating the impact of various change initiatives on sales growth. Data for the Grow Sales Evaluation will be collected throughout the second half of FY19. EN’s newly-launched philanthropic branch is developing a business plan for Outer Banks Forever.