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Quarterly Strategic Plan Update: Summer 2019

Quarterly Strategic Plan Update: Summer 2019
This summer, Eastern National remains focused on growing sales and continuing to accomplish our strategic initiatives, helping to strengthen our foundation to accelerate mission delivery and growth. Keep reading to learn about our recent advancements in the areas of Partnerships, People, Operations, and Finances.

As of July 1, all of our stores at NPS sites will be rebranded as America’s National Parks stores. This represents an exciting culmination of several years reviewing and articulating our brand story to better connect with park visitors and our partners. Plus, we continue to work closely with our partners to develop annual operating plans, with over 80 completed or close to completion.

Alignment of staffing to increase capacity and strengthen support continues to be a top priority, with the recent recruitment of a controller, a position that was vacant at Eastern National Headquarters, along with streamlined processes for recruiting and onboarding of new hires throughout the organization. Focus on talent development continues, with training offered on a regular schedule covering everything from stock replenishment and online reporting to respectful workplace and effective communication strategies.

The committee tasked with selecting a new Point-of-Sale system is nearing completion of its work. After the final selection is made, we will begin developing plans for implementation and training.

The Grow Sales Evaluation team began collecting data at 14 sites as part of a carefully designed study to measure and assess the effect of various interventions and improvements. This data will help guide future investment of resources to ensure the greatest impact. Also, Outer Banks Forever formally launched in its local community and held its first board meeting.