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Flight 93 Commemorates 20th Remembrance Ceremony

Secretary Deb Haaland stamps her Passport at Flight 93 NM. Photo: NPS/B.Torrey

Flight 93 Commemorates 20th Remembrance Ceremony

Two decades after September 11, Flight 93 National Memorial observed the 20th anniversary and honored the 40 passengers and crew members from the flight. The 90-minute observance included reading the names of those aboard Flight 93 and ringing the Bells of Remembrance. President Joe Biden, First Lady Jill Biden, and Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland all visited the site, and Secretary Haaland stamped her Passport with a special Flight 93 20th Anniversary cancellation.

The public observance began on Friday evening, September 11, with the annual Luminaria Ceremony, hosted by the Friends of Flight 93 at the Wall of Names. On Saturday, after the private remembrance ceremony, the memorial reopened to visitors who wished to pay their respects or reflect during a special Memorial Tribute Concert from the Johnstown Symphony Orchestra.

Recordings of the ceremonies can be found on the Flight 93 Observance page.