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Farewell to Monique

Nov 30, 2022

Left to right:

The EN team expresses gratitude to Monique VanLandingham, WASO Program Manager for Cooperating Associations & Partnerships, Interpretation, Education, and Volunteers, for more than ten years of dedication to the National Park Service, and her for support of Eastern National and cooperating associations.

Monique transitioned from the National Park Service to the private sector earlier this month. Over her 10 years of service, Monique was a strong supporter of cooperating associations and their educational missions. She led and participated in many initiatives to streamline processes, support education, and develop interpretive programs. Monique was instrumental in updating Reference Manual 32, supporting the launch of the Common Learning Portal for Cooperating Associations and Partnerships, revising the cooperating association standard agreement, helping to formalize the use of intellectual property, and so much more. She was an advocate for multi-park associations like Eastern National that share resources among all the parks they serve to enhance the visitor experience at all parks.

Over the past three years, Monique steadfastly supported cooperating associations during the global pandemic that impacted so many partners. She was in constant communication with cooperating association leaders to listen, learn, and share their concerns and ideas with National Park Service leadership. She always remained positive and worked with partners to find solutions to complex problems. In 2021, Monique and the WASO Interpretation, Education, and Volunteers Directorate were awarded Eastern National’s Charles S. Marshall Unit award.

Eastern National’s Board of Directors and Senior Leadership Team wish Monique the best in her new adventures. We hope to see her visiting national parks, hiking a trail or taking a tour, and stamping her Passport. Take care Monique. We will miss working with you!