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EN to Resume Park Publications Reprints Program

Jun 30, 2022

Eastern National put our custom “New Publications” and “Reprints” programs on hiatus when Covid arrived in 2020. Those programs consist of hundreds of site-specific national park titles, National Park Service Handbooks, maps, posters, prints and more, many of them award-winning titles and significant drivers of education and revenue for our park stores through the years.

“New Publications” refers to Eastern’s annual, competitive program to produce new, site-specific titles for our park partners, often on themes or people or events that trade publishers haven’t covered. And “Reprints” refers to the program that keeps those books updated and in stock at your stores. We have titles going back many decades, so those programs are typically year-round efforts for us.

“New Publications” will remain on hiatus in 2022. We are not accepting requests for new titles for your parks at this time. Depending on Eastern’s strategic priorities over the next two or three years, we may re-start the New Pubs program in 2023 or 24.

However, we are re-starting the Reprints program this fall. We are currently developing the processes and the roles needed to get your out-of-stock titles back in stock. We are rebuilding Eastern’s publishing capabilities from the ground up, so we plan to be very intentional about our approach. Coupled with paper availability, price increases, and other supply chain challenges, the rest of 2022 will mostly be a Reprints planning and pre-production year, with the goal of getting out-of-stock titles back into your stores by Spring 2023.