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EN Announces Phase 2 of Regional Realignment

EN Announces Phase 2 of Regional Realignment

Over the past month, Eastern National has welcomed new talent and congratulated current team members for taking on new roles. As we begin Phase 2 in our regional realignment, we’re excited to announce additional changes to our staff and site structure. These changes align with our Strategic Plan goals to develop talent and increase field capacity.

Corinna Richards, Director of Retail North

Corinna Richards, Director of Retail North

In February, Megan Shelley Cartwright was promoted to Chief Operating Officer, which we leveraged as an opportunity to increase our leadership capacity and split the Director of Retail role into two positions. Last January, Stacy Madalena was promoted to Director of Retail South, filling one of these positions, and this month we congratulate Corinna Richards on her promotion to Director of Retail North, filling the second of these two new positions. Corinna previously served as the Metro New York Regional Manager for over two years.  She brings a wealth of experience in multi-unit retail, strategic partnerships, and management development to her new role.

Not only will Stacy and Corinna help increase support in the field, but their roles will also be key to strengthening relationships with our partners.

The following map showcases shifts among our staff and several sites from the Mid-Atlantic region to the New England and Metro New York regions, as part of our regional realignment.


We are also happy to announce several new Assistant Regional Managers in our effort to provide more opportunities for our staff’s professional development and growth within the company, including:

    • Karin Burnette was promoted to the Assistant Regional Manager of Coastal Mid-Atlantic.
    • Lee Pettey has relocated and is now the Assistant Regional Manager of New England.
    • Dave Hobbs was promoted to the Assistant Regional Manager of the National Capital.


In addition to these regional leadership positions, we have added new field support roles, such as regional support coordinators, merchandisers, and operations specialists that will support specific administrative and operations functions across regions and provide developmental opportunities for our store managers.

Congratulations and welcome to those accepting the challenge of a new role and new responsibilities. Together we climb!