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El Yunque Partnership with Rio Grande Intellectual Disabilities Program

Nov 30, 2022

Left to right:

In an effort to support individuals with disabilities and their families, Eastern National is committed to work toward service options to assure that people with developmental disabilities have the opportunity to have lives that are fulfilling and meaningful.

Support groups for people with disabilities can be found in every community. These groups work diligently to partner with companies that will offer job opportunities and experiences where these individuals can thrive. Eastern National’s Cindy Piccolo and Taymi Maldonado partnered with the Rio Grande Intellectual Disabilities Program in El Yunque National Forest to pilot this program for EN. The program works with individuals with intellectual disabilities to assist them in the development of skills that will help them become self-sufficient and thrive in their community.

The first member from the program to join the El Yunque team began working in June 2022. Yanira Vega (right) quickly earned a reputation for being hard-working, responsible, and having a positive attitude. Yanira likes spending time learning from other team members, and excels in customer service skills. El Yunque family and staff members regard her as an integral part of the team. They have learned much from Yanira about belonging in today’s diverse world, and how to achieve things they set their minds to. El Yunque’s team not only makes Yanira feel valued, trusted, and included, but also provides her with a sense of belonging that makes her feel connected. Yanira will be officially joining our team next week as a sales associate!

Eastern National’s long-term goal is to curate these partnerships and relationships in every region to promote an inclusive work environment, and ensure accurate representation of our communities and visitors.