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Eastern National Launches “Reach for the Summit!” Game for Employees

ReachForTheSummit-02Eastern National Launches “Reach for the Summit!” Game for Employees

This month Eastern National hit the trail as we kicked off our “Reach for the Summit!” game across all of our locations. The game is designed to help EN staff understand organization-wide progress of the Strategic Plan, underscore how each person’s daily work helps us with implementation, and recognize individual accomplishments.

Each Eastern National location has a Game Board that tracks EN’s overall progress toward reaching our Strategic Plan goals. Mid-month “Mile Marker” updates are sent to keep staff up to date on overall progress on each of the four trails, which represent the Strategic Plan priority areas – People, Partnerships, Operations, and Finance. By the beginning of fiscal year 2020, the Game Board will reflect all of EN’s strategic accomplishments over the course of the three year Strategic Plan.

During Summits!, Eastern National employees will also be collecting stickers in their personal Trail Pass rewards cards as they are recognized for their daily work. Reaching the summit is only possible when every member of the climbing team completes their regular responsibilities, no matter what their primary job function may be, so it is important to EN that everyone is appreciated for doing their part. When an employee receives a sticker for each Strategic Plan area, they are able to redeem their Trail Pass for free “gear.”

Partners are encouraged to check in with their Eastern National staff regularly to find out what the organization is doing to become an even better partner and how we’re progressing toward the summit. Anyone – a manager, coworker, or ranger – can recommend someone for a Trail Pass sticker, so be sure to keep an eye out for individuals who deserve to be recognized and make sure to let their supervisor know when you see a job well done. Together we climb!