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Eastern National Issues $2.6 Million in Park Aid to NPS

Aug 22, 2023

Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse, Acadia NP, Maine, USA at sunset

We are pleased to announce the annual distribution of aid to parks has been approved by Eastern National’s Board of Directors. The Board met on July 13th and voted to distribute $2.6 million as direct aid to parks based on our fiscal year 2022 performance. We are happy to share that aid disbursements to parks were sent out last week. The board also approved $265,000 for store improvements and publication reprint projects in 2024. The total distribution of $2.865 million represents 80% of Eastern National’s 2022 operating income. The remaining amount will be used to rebuild EN’s cash reserves and other long-term investments.

Thank you to the entire Eastern National team and our National Park Service partners for their hard work and dedication to EN’s mission, and for making this financial return possible. And thank you to the millions of visitors who supported parks by making purchases in Eastern National stores and online at http://ShopANP.org. EN has distributed $7.4 million to parks since resuming aid in spring of 2022. The funds are used to support interpretive, educational, scientific, and historical projects and programs at parks we serve.

Do you have a story to share about your funds at work? Please reach out to our Digital Marketing Strategist, Max Hoagland (maxhoagland@easternnational.org), to share your story and accompanying photos. We look forward to hearing about all the wonderful projects and programs these funds support.