Eastern National's National Park Service Advisory Group

Eastern National’s National Park Service Advisory Group, from left to right (front row): Lisa Conard Frost and Bob Vogel (back row): Mark Woods, Linda Cook, and Tom Richter.


The National Park Service (NPS) Advisory Group provides an effective link between the NPS and the EN Board, imparting valuable input on critical issues from the field affecting the association, and providing input to the Executive Committee on the current direction of EN in relation to its mission. Committee members also serve as ambassadors to the NPS, and the Group’s contribution serves to provide visitors to America’s national parks with a positive and enriching experience. Each region of the National Park Service where Eastern National operates is represented by one Advisory Group member, listed below.

Mark Woods – Southeast Region & Advisory Group Chair
Superintendent, Blue Ridge Parkway
Linda Cook – Northeast Region
Superintendent, Weir Farm National Historic Site
Lisa Conard-Frost – Midwest Region
Superintendent, Fort Smith National Historic Site
Bob Vogel – National Capital Region
Regional Director
Tom Richter – Regional Cooperating Association Coordinator Representative
Chief of Interpretation, Education, and Volunteers – Midwest Regional Office